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Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Infuse Aromatherapy into your everyday lifestyle.
Essential oil vitamins have been used for thousands of years to elevate moods, revitalize energy, and sooth the spirit.
We ensure the highest quality in our 100% pure essential oils and perfectly balanced massage and skin care oils.

100% Pure Cold Pressed Walnut Oil

Walnut Essential oil Benefits For Skin

Walnut Essential oil oil is high in both vitamins and minerals. It works wonders on the skin and is highly recommended for people who want a flawless and ageless skin. Here are the benefits of walnut oil for the skin.

1. Fighting Wrinkles:

Walnut Essential oil is great for fighting wrinkles. It has a greasy texture but its regular application can actually help the fine lines and wrinkles to disappear with time.

2. Remedy For Infection:

We all experience those horrible fungal infections that leave us feeling helpless. Walnut Essential oil is your answer to those infections. It helps fight fungal infections really well.

3. Helps Treat Psoriasis:

We all dread facing the persistent skin problem called psoriasis.

Walnut Essential oil beautifully helps you to cure it . You may either apply it topically or simply add it to your bath.Walnut Essential oil is a very good antioxidant and helps fight aging really well. It is extremely good for your skin

Walnut Essential oil Benefits For Hair

We all dream of those beautiful looking tresses, free from all problems. But today’s pollution-filled environment hardly fulfills our dream. Here are the benefits of Walnut Essential oil for hair:

5. Helps Fight Hair Loss:

No one likes seeing innumerable hairs falling each time he/she combs. Hair loss can be stressful. Walnut Essential oil has often helped people fight hair loss with the help of Omega-3 fatty acids that prevent cell damage.

6. Fights Dandruff:

Walnut Essential oil can be great for fighting dandruff as well. It helps keep the scalp clean by removing all the dirt from it. Apply it regularly to get maximum benefits. It prevents the scalp from getting flaky, hence preventing dandruff. 

7. Promotes Hair Growth:

Walnut oil promotes hair growth as it is high on potassium. Potassium is essential because it helps the regeneration of cells and hence accelerates hair growth.

Walu Essential oil Benefits for Health

Walnut Essential oil consumption has undergone a huge change across the world. It has some of the best health benefits. We have compiled a list of its health benefits:

8. Reduces Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases:

Consuming Walnut Essential oil helps lower the cholesterol levels in the body. This way it helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. You must include Walnut Essential oil in your regular diet (8).

9. Boosts Blood Vessel Functioning:

Consumption of Walnut Essential oil helps a great deal in boosting the blood vessel’s functioning overall. Try different recipes that use Walnut Essential oil. You would find some very tasty recipes using Walnut Essential oil.

10. Cuts Belly Fat:

Yes, you heard it right. Walnut Essential oil helps cut belly fat.

It can be easily consumed by substituting other oil with Walnut Essential oil.

Adding Walnut Essential oil to your salads can make you feel full and it also helps the body fight its craving for fats.

Walnut Essential oil helps you fight insomnia and ensures you a good night’s sleep. It contains melatonin which promotes sleep and regulates it too. It is good for people with irregular sleeping patterns.

So these were some of the many benefits of Walnut Essential oil.



Walnut oil

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