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Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Infuse Aromatherapy into your everyday lifestyle.
Essential oil vitamins have been used for thousands of years to elevate moods, revitalize energy, and sooth the spirit.
We ensure the highest quality in our 100% pure essential oils and perfectly balanced massage and skin care oils.
  • 100% Pure Steam Distilled Nutmeg Oil.
  • What Are The Health Benefits Of Nutmeg Essential oil ?

1. Helps Prevent Cancer

Sources say that the Nutmeg Essential oil can act as an antioxidant and prevent cancer in the process. It achieves this by stalling the formation of certain blood vessels that feed tumors. Other studies have also shown how the Nutmeg Essential oil could prevent colon cancer.

Another study shows how a spice mixture containing nutmeg can potentially combat cancer. Including nutmeg in your daily diet can have therapeutic effects against cancer.

2. Can Aid Diabetes Treatment

Nutmeg Essential oil is one rich source of triterpenes, compounds that have antidiabetic properties. Studies show how the oil can relieve symptoms associated with chronic illnesses, diabetes being one of them.

3. Relieves Arthritis Pain

Nutmeg Essential oil has shown to ease chronic inflammatory pain, which is the primary characteristic of arthritis. The anti-inflammatory properties of Nutmeg Essential oil can reduce joint pains and inflammation associated with arthritis.

4. Treats Insomnia

In smaller doses, Nutmeg Essential oil can have a calming effect that can induce sleep and treat insomnia. The spice was also used in ancient medicine as a way to de-stress and calm one’s mind. Adding 2 drops Numeg Essential oil to a glass of warm milk and taking before bedtime can aid better sleep.

The mild sedative actions of Nutmeg Essential oil have been recorded in studies, which prove its ability to treat insomnia .

5. Improves Digestion

The Nutmeg Essential oil have a carminative effect – meaning they help reduce flatulence. Issues like diarrhea, constipation, gas, and even bloating can be relieved by consuming it. Nutmeg Essential oil also promotes the secretion of the digestive enzymes, further aiding digestion.

It also contains fiber, which can help in bowel movement.

6. Eases Pain

Nutmeg Essential oil is often used to treat spasms and pain. In fact, Nutmeg Essential oil is applied to relieve pain – especially in the muscles and joints. Nutmeg Essential oil also contains methanol that possesses pain-relieving properties. Which is why including this oil in your diet can reduce the pain associated with wounds and injuries and strains.

There are other volatile oils in nutmeg like elemicin, eugenol, and safrole – all of which have anti-inflammatory properties and help alleviate pain associated with inflammation.

7. May Lower Cholesterol Levels

Though there is less information on this, some sources speak of the manganese levels in Nutmeg Essential oil. The mineral works as a catalyst for cholesterol breakdown, and this may help in lowering cholesterol levels.

8. Improves Dental Health

Nutmeg Essential oil is a powerhouse of antibacterial properties, and that is how it contributes to oral health. The spice is known to treat dental issues like cavities, toothache, and even tooth decay in some cases.

The antibacterial properties of Nutmeg Essential oil can also eliminate bad breath.

9. Might Aid Weight Loss

The only known way Nutmeg Essential oil might aid weight loss is through its soporific (sleep-inducing) properties. Consuming nutmeg in your dinner can make you fall asleep faster, thereby keeping you away from binging. And the fiber in the spice might also contribute to weight loss.

10. Treats Anxiety

Nutmeg Essential oil contains trimyristin, which, as per studies, showed to cause anxiogenic (reducing anxiety) responses. Nutmeg also works as an antidepressant and can help in treating depression. The oil is basically a brain tonic that stimulates your brain. It even helps eliminate mental fatigue and stress and boosts mental activity .

All of this can be attributed to Nutmeg Essential oil ability to trigger neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which impact your mood.

11. Might Treat Urinary Incontinence

Some reports suggest how Nutmeg Essential oil can treat urinary incontinence. But more research is warranted. We recommend you speak to your doctor before using nutmeg in this regard.

12. Helps Fight Acne

Nutmeg Essential oil exhibits strong antibacterial and antifungal activities – and this can help treat acne. And then, there is the anti-inflammatory activity of the oil, which can heal inflammation and redness associated with acne.

13. Can Aid Eczema Treatment

Though not scientifically proven to work, several individuals vouch for this method. You can combine one tablespoon of Nutmeg Essential oil with one teaspoon of olive oil. Mix well and apply it to the affected areas. Leave it on for about 30 minutes , rinse with luke water . 

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of Rinse, yet again, it can be used as a potential treatment for eczema.

These are the benefits of Nutmeg Essential oil. We just had a glimpse into its essential nutrients, but there is more that you must know.


Nutmeg oil

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